Slap repair for shoulder dislocation and recurrent dislocations

Arthroscopic repair - Sudihir RaoWhen the shoulder dislocates damage can occurs to the labrum/bone on the socket (Bankarts lesion) and the arm bone (Hill Sach’s lesion). This is the most common site of damage. If the dislocations are frequent or troublesome then arthroscopic labral repair is done along with a SLAP repair, if present. The capsule may need to be tightened at the same time.

If the bone of the socket is significantly damaged (>20-30%) then a Latarjet procedure has a very high success rate. In this operation the socket damage is corrected by bone from the coracoid(a bony protrusion in front of the shoulder) which is moved and fixed with screws along with the biceps tendon (naturally attached to the coracoid).

Arthroscopic repair - Sudihir RaoAdditional damage to the Rotator cuff tendons or Labrum may be necessary too. The superior labral attachment of the biceps tendon is particularly vulnerable and may require to be repaired (SLAP repair – Superior Labral Anterior to Posterior repair).

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